Am failing my advanced assignment 1 .. ( Total Items: 11 Completed Items: 11 Correct Items: 0 )

My workflow is working perfectly completing all items .
i checked for the following :
!) my community acme username and community username are the same
2) no spaces available 23442-kelly jones-germany
3) i didnot reset my work items
4) i tried submitting a video also but always getting 0/100

please help me …
note : when i submit the file i get the result in almost 1 or 2 minutes …

Hi @hishamconber

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can you login to ACME site and check manually whether those records have the hash code in them under the comment of each of them?

First, make sure your UI Academy And Acme both have the same email Address.
Then, Make sure you follow proper Assignment walkthrough or PDD First fetch wid - get a hash code from shah 1 a website - upload hash code then mark as completed.
If you don’t mind Can you please send me your workflow on my email address: RPA Developer Advanced Diploma - Level 3.pdf (161.2 KB)

Are you using REFramework for this one?
Please make sure to follow all the instructions for that assignment.
Thanks and regards

hello did you have a solution to this? I have the same problem, the entire queue is processed successfully but on the ACME System page it says there are no correct items.

Please Help

Hi @elemon20,

Could you kindly verify that the hashes being added to each item are correct?


Check this
UiPath Assignment 1 Showing Result Fail - #2 by sandeep13

thanks @nlee1131 you were right, the problem was in the UploadConfirmation.Substring("Se ha cargado el informe, el id. de confirmación es ".Length).

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I am getting 0/100 , Total Items: 11 Completed Items: 11 Correct Items: 0 when i complete and al WI4 items are in Completed state, still i am not getting 100/100 in generate yearly report, Can anyone guide me pls

I am also having the same problem. All items are processed successfully. ACME site shows all items in completed status. Yearly reports are uploaded and comments are added with Upload ID. I don’t understand what is the problem. But my results shows as 0/100.
and it says Total Items: 11 Completed Items: 11 Correct Items: 0
Can anyone help on this please. I don’t understand what is correct items means and what is wrong with my assignment.

Hello @padurus

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Correct items means - it checks for the correct formula for the hash code. Just make sure the formula you used is exactly as mentioned in the walk through…

Also, just add a trim to all three variables used for the hash code formula as may be either of those contain spaces in the values it holds and that could be causing the issue…