Performer: Element exist is not working in Pop up dialog

In my performer, System1_CreateYearlyReport element exist is not working in a pop up dialog box. Please help.


here is my xaml file System1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml (26.3 KB)

Actually is the issue with the popup when using chrome. In chrome the popup is disconnected and not part of the window as you can see in your selector.

You can also use image exists but in case you have to fetch your upload id it will be rather difficult to get it from the popup :unamused:

I would suggest to use IE.


True IE is better to work with pop-up but if you want to work with crome only then you can use Click Image or Send Hotkey Activity.
Pop-up.xaml (7.4 KB)
pop-up1.xaml (6.5 KB)


Can you tell me more about send hotkey activity? So in my System1_CreateYearlyReport I’ll remove the if statement?

I’m having a problem with IE, I cant indicate any element except the main window so I used Chrome. Is there any other way so I can reused my System1_CreateYearlyReport? Thanks

I re changed it to IE, when reportnot found exist it click ok for the first time, then on the second time it just stuck in the windows and output an error.


System1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml (28.3 KB)


It stuck at second pop of no report found. It works when downloading

actually due to continues pop-ups the pop element changes a bit here as you can see it has the check box.
Make your selector more generic so that it can handle both pop ups.

Did you try to use “SEND Hot Key”?
You should use send hotkey in place of Element Exist activity if you are using IE and if you have to click a pop-up .

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