Upload data in Cloud Sharepoint Online using Sharepoint Online Activities from Excel Sheet

HI I have excel sheet full of data which needs to be uploaded into cloud Sharepoint online in list view. I have downloaded the UIPathTeam.Sharepoint activites. How can I upload all the data from the excel into the sharepoint using the “Add List Item” Activities?
Any suggestion or any sample xaml file?

@ermilindkumar See if this workflow can help you out updatetest.xaml (7.1 KB)

@supermanPunch: Do I have to use Update List item? Do you have sample workflow which read data from excel suppose having 5 columns and 5 rows and then upload the value of those 5 coulumns/5 rows to the sharepoint online list? What query I have to write?

@ermilindkumar Check if this is what you wanted, It’s Not Accurate But just a Overall Method. You need to modify it the way ou need it. :sweat_smile: updatetest.xaml (8.9 KB)

@supermanPunch: Yes this Overall Method I was looking. I have to figure out how to get the value of 5 different columns in dictionary and update in the CAML query and hopefully it should work.

@ermilindkumar Good :sweat_smile: If Further Queries Just post it

@supermanPunch I am using O365 Cloud Sharepoint “ex-https://sp-cloud.xyz.org/sites/Test/Lists/TestList/AllItems.aspx”. I am using Sharepoint List Activities and using “Add List Item” activity to add the item in the list.
Using Sharepoint Instance type as “Online” is giving Bad sign in name and password error. Although using the same login id and password I am able login to the sharepoint manually.
Using Sharepoint Instance type as “OnPremises”I am getting the below Runtime Execution error.Source: Sharepoint application scope.Message: The remote server returned an error:(403) Forbidden.Exception Type: System.Net.WebException. image
What is the solution for this issue?