Update sharepoint list item


How to update share-point 2010 list item using UiPath. We’ve used “HTTP Request” activity to get the list data from share-point 2010 but got stuck in writing data.

Please help me in solving this and share me sample xaml files if any.

Thanks in advance

You have more http options.

alternately, if you consider sharepoint site as a web application and create your workflow. That will work more effectively than HTTP Request,
HTTP Request is more a bulky updates by using web services/API. For this you have to supply ConsumerKey, OAuth1Token, EndPoint etc…
please give a try any of these actives. Hope helpful

Thanks for your reply.

Could you please share sample xaml file on “How to use Http Merge activity”


RequestContent --> InArgument
ResponseContent --> OutArgument
ResponseHeaders --> OutArgument <“DynamicValue’’>”
ResponseStatusCode"–> OutArgument<“HttpStatusCode’’>”
Uri -->InArgument"<“String’’>”

Could you give me a suggestion to get data from share point list with their respective parameters.

just consider share point as a web application and create your design.

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I want to use CAML query, and I don’t know to what to be filled inside the Options.
Could you please help me to achieve this.

go with sharepoint API calls

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Vinod. V

Oh Nice… CAML query you can interact remotely and deploy.

My suggestion, first design steps how you want to use as a normal user.
capture all step by step process in a sequence.
Those steps you can create WF.

Thanks Vinod.

I’m using API calls now. It works fine for me. But I want to know Whether UIPath supports CAML query or not.

I need to insert item in list of SharePoint at Office 365 using uipath flow

How to insert Data in SharePoint list. The data in format of JSON in uipath

Deserialize the json output and get required attributes.

I get data in the format of json from SharePoint API URL by Using HTTP request GET method. My question is how to insert item in SharePoint List. ??

You need to do a POST api call to SharePoint along with data needs to be inserted in json format.

could you send sample workflow for this? Because don’t know how to pass json format data in POST Method

I’m done for today, will share you tomorrow

Please share the Sample workflow for inserting item in SharePoint List.


_Test.xaml (7.43 KB)

Thank you.
And i have one more doubt, i have 100’s of data with different column and i need to insert those data in SharePoint List. For each row of data i need to create add new row or it is automatically created in SharePoint List to insert it??