To Upload Excel Sheet in SharePoint using Ui path

HI Team,

I have excel sheet which I need to upload in sharepoint every week. How can we upload a excel sheet in sharepoint using UI Path? Do we have any activity for uploading the excel in sharepoint?

Download UiPathTeam.SharePoint.Activities from the package manager and you’ll see activities for uploading files to SharePoint. If you don’t see the package make sure that you have the Go! package source enabled.


Hi Can you breifly exlplain how to upload file into sharepoint?

HI Daniel, I have downloaded the UIPath team sharepoint activities. Now I have excel full of data , how can I upload the data using the “Add List Item” activities? Do you have any sample xaml file?

If you have an excel file with data you can probably just use the Upload File activity and pass it your excel file.I do not use Sharepoint so I can’t help you any more with the specifics.

you can use the webservice of sharepoint to upload the file

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