Uploading Excel data into Sharepointonline

I am using O365 Cloud Sharepoint “ex-https://sp-cloud.xyz.org/sites/Test/Lists/TestList/AllItems.aspx”. I am using Sharepoint List Activities and using “Add List Item” activity to add the item in the list.
Using Sharepoint Instance type as “Online” is giving Bad sign in name and password error. Although using the same login id and password I am able login to the sharepoint manually.
Using Sharepoint Instance type as “OnPremises”I am getting the below Runtime Execution error.Source: Sharepoint application scope.Message: The remote server returned an error:(403) Forbidden.Exception Type: System.Net.WebException. image
What is the solution for this issue?

@radu_bucur: Could you please help here?

It would be helpfull if you say which Package name and Version you are using.

I am using UiPath team. Sharepoint. Activities v 1.3.0 developed by radu Bucur

@radu_bucur: HI Radu, Yes I am using email id and password and manually its working but not via this activity even by providing the credentials as it is giving Bad ID/Password error. Could you please provide the dummy script in powershell and I can try it out. Please find the below link for UI Path forum where we can discuss. I already posted this but did not get any response.

Hey @ermilindkumar
This is the PS1 script, please add your email and URL there and run the script (it will ask you to write the password for the account)
Let me know if it successfully displays the Title of your website.
SharePointOnlineScript2.zip (860 Bytes)

HI @radu_bucur: I added my email id as username and the shrepoint url. After running the script it did asked me to provide the password. Once I entered the password and press enter it typed something in red color very fast and closed the power shell window. I am unable to take screenshot. Not sure what is the issue over here.

Try opening the Script using Powershell ISE. Right click on the file and click Edit.

Hi @radu_bucur @ermilindkumar @Diana_Mincu

I am facing a similar problem. I am trying to upload a file and I am getting the same error: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden

Any advice? I can upload manually but not with the activity … Should I ask for a particular access to the IT architect in my company or is another kind of problem? Could you give me a hint please?

I solve my problem, the problem was that I was using the visible name and no the internal name.

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@carmen – can you please let me know from where did you get invisible name


Hi! using Smart CAML https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/smartcaml/9nn8gjpnxvfg

You can download and connect to sharepoint.