Upload a file to Uipath and save in local directory

Hello everyone,

I have a task for uploading a PDF file through UPath (Studio) in Attended Robot. The scenario is:

  1. User running a robot.
  2. Pop up dialog box or something else containing a blank space for drop in a PDF file.
  3. The PDF file will be saved in local directory robot.

Example sketch:

submit button is using for approve that file and then automatically download PDF file and saved in local directory (C:\Download)
cancel button is close the dialog / pop up box

Anyone can help me? What activity should i use?

Brian H


It’s my bad… Could you please explain a bit more?

Can you provide the input screenshot and also expected screenshot?


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Hello @brian_satijadi ,

You can use the browser for folder activity, this activity will provide you the flexibility of choosing the input folder containing required files.


Once the Input folder is selected by user manually then you can perform the logical part to check if required file exists in it & then copy the files from the input folder to local directory.


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hello, i have done change the topic description
please check the additional information, thank you :pray:

Hi @brian_satijadi,

First of all, watch the video and create a flow with the activities used.Share with us if you have problems.


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