How to save pdf into file


This is the button that downloads a pdf file from web. How to make robot save pdf into file?

*I know to use create file, but how?

@fmillo Are you trying to create a Folder or a File? :sweat_smile:

I want to save as file but I will be putting into specific folder @supermanPunch

From which browser are you using the activity?

@fmillo it is already in a PDF file format, so why would you want to save it as a file again? :sweat_smile: , Creating a Folder can be done using Create Directory activity

@Shubham_Varshney chrome

@supermanPunch I create folder for every single entry (from the web). Each entry has 2 pdfs which i am trying to save in respective folders. How do I get the robot to download the pdf file? When I click this button uipath5 it automatically downloads to my computer

go to the setting tab in chrome > then type in download > check on the setting as
“Ask where to save each file before downloading”

Chrome will always ask for location where to save the file, and I assume this will help you :slight_smile:

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@Shubham_Varshney yes but how do i make uipath save it to specific folder?

After enabling this setting u will get popup for each download.There u can enter folder path, file name after that u can save the file

i have over 200 pdfs to save. What function can i tell the robot to use so it can save it to specific path in my do while loop @poorna_nayak07 @supermanPunch @Shubham_Varshney

@fmillo So you are trying to put each of the 200 pdf’s into specific paths each time, So that each pdf will be in a different path?

yes. 2 will go into the same folder. I already know how to create 100 folders on uipath @supermanPunch

@fmillo After it reads 2 pdf’s change the path by keeping the Path variable dynamic

@fmillo I just helped another user out with this same activity. In my opinion the best way to do it is with the http request activity. Otherwise i prefer to use the right click–>save target as method. See example of the http request activity here: SAve file Chrome - #7 by Dave

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