Downloading a file from one webpage and uploading it

I am new to UiPath and recently attempted to automate a process involving downloading a file from one webpage and uploading it to another. I used the web version of UiPath Studio for this task. Although I managed to complete all the steps successfully, I encountered a challenge when it came to uploading the file.

Initially, I tried using the Attach Document activity and struggled to locate the file path and make it work. After investing a lot of time and effort, I finally managed to get it functioning, only to discover that Attach Document can only be used for testing purposes, which was quite frustrating.

Now, I am unable to find any alternative methods that would allow me to upload the file. The upload process involves clicking a button located in the top left corner of the page, which opens a file explorer window where the file needs to be selected.

I have searched through various posts and discussions, but most of them suggest using code or the type into activity, which doesn’t work in my case since the file selection window is not a part of the browser.

If anyone could provide assistance or suggest a solution, I would greatly appreciate it.


@Abdullah_Asad Hi
you are on right track to upload file in web portal/application. Only thing you need to upload the file is file full path so that when you will put file full path in window popup it will relocate through full path to exact directory and select your file automatically. Try this one and let me know.

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Hi @Abdullah_Asad

Try with the Set Text activity to write the full path of the file to the file explorer window. You can then use the Click activity to click the button that opens the file explorer window.

Here are the steps on how to do this:

  1. Create a Set Text activity and set the Text property to the full path of the file that you want to upload.
  2. Create a Click activity and set the Target property to the button that opens the file explorer window.
  3. Run your flow and the file should be uploaded.

Hope it helps!!

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@raja.arslankhan @pravallikapaluri Thanks for help… It worked

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