I need to upload a file on a webpage


I have never used UiPath before and today I tried to automate a process, where a file gets downloaded from one webpage, and gets uploaded to another.

I was working on the web version of UiPath studio. I managed to do everything except uploading the file. At first I thought I could use Attach Document activity and struggled a lot to find the file path and get it working and once I finally did, it turns out that Attach Document can only be used for testing for some reason.

Now I can’t find any alternatives that will let me upload the file.

The upload process is as follows: There is a button on the top left corner of the page that when clicked, opens a file explorer window where you need to select the file.

I looked through a lot of posts but most were suggesting some kind of code, or type into activity which won’t work for me since the file selection window isn’t a part of the browser.

If anyone can help me find the solution I would be very thankful.

@vaeho use set text activity to write full path of file in windows popup to upload file.
Can you share why type into activity not working. What is the error you got when you used Type into activity.

@vaeho you are on right track to upload file in web portal/application. Only thing you need to upload the file is file full path so that when you will put in window popup it will relocate through full path and select your file.

In web studio, desktop apps n local paths are not permitted directly, However its applications functionality which is opening file explorer for you.

Can you try some shortcut keys to do your task andfirst set the path and then write the path from clipboard using short cut keys.

OR You could also store this file anywhere in S3 or any other storage and get it from there directly.

I suggest doing the free training on the UiPath Academy web page.

The type into activity is not working because the place I need to type into is not a web element. I can not select the windows file explorer window that pops up when I am trying to upload a file. And when I run the workflow everything is happening in chromium I believe so I am not sure if it is even possible to type a file path in that enviroment.

I even downloaded the Studio on my desktop but type into still only lets me select web elements.

I downloaded desktop version of Studio as well but type into activity still only seems to work for web elements.
I am not exactly sure I understand what you mean by using shortcut keys to write the path.
Also I don’t know if it’s possible to upload a file from another source, I tried uploading it to Google Drive first but I couldn’t figure out how to upload it to the website after since the upload button there opens windows file explorer in order for me to select the desired file.

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