How to save uipath's downloaded files locally on my desktop

how to save uipath’s downloaded files locally on my desktop


Can you add more details like where you are downloading the files?


Hello @mu_nazza ,

Are you trying to download something from a portal as part of your automation or you are publishing your project to the desktop?

What is the requirement here?

If you want to change the download path for some files from browser, you can change the default download path.

i am downloading file from browser and want to know that either uipath is storing downloaded files on server or locally on my desktop


Once it downloaded, you can go to Downloads in the browser and check the path where it is downloading


@mu_nazza If you are downloading the files using UiPath in server then it downloads in the server, or if you are running it your local, it saves the files in your local folder. If my understanding is wrong, can you explain your scenario what you want to achieve

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