Upgrading orchestrator from 19.4.4 to 19.10.19 - license and evaluate result


New to the forum and to UiPath, hope my questions and expectations are reasonable …

I’m upgrading a single-node 19.4.4 orchestrator instance to 19.10.19 and would like to continue using the same SQL Server database. I’ll be using the windows installer.

  1. After the upgrade, what are the specific things/places I should look at to determine whether the upgrade has been successful or not?

  2. Will I need a new license?

Thank you!

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wow… I am so interesting about your topic.

few days ago I have bad experience about upgrading from 19.4.4 to 2020.4 ( almost same as 19.10), My Orchestrator was chrased. luckily I have a backp plan.

what u should concern before upgrade are

  1. you need to backup database and create snapshot if you are using VM
  2. do not upgrade directly on Prod Env. clone it on Dev or QA Env.
  3. Check compatibility version.

don’t worry no additional license needs.

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  1. I hope you have following the general procedures of backup APP /DB server before migrate.
    Instead of that Backup your Web.config file
    Then After migration successfully ,
    Check your relevant Robots/Process /Schedules are working properly
    There might be some dependency required , after migration , check each any every process you are running (UAT with some data)


  1. And about license: upgrade not required any new license

Thank you so much @irahmat and @Maneesha_de_silva for all the helpful info!

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