Orchestrator upgrade from version "2021.4.2"

We are presently utilizing the “2021.4.2” version of the orchestrator, and I am in the process of upgrading it to the latest version. Are there any essential steps that must be adhered to during this upgrade process? We have multiple tenants and robots. Will their functionality be impacted during the migration? Additionally, should we anticipate any machine disconnections when transitioning from the older version to the new one?

  1. First you can review the release notes, understand the new features.
  2. Make sure you backup the data from orchestrator and all other configurations.
  3. Set up a test environment which is a duplicate copy of Production and perform testing over there.
  4. Make sure to prepare a pre-upgrade check list and post upgrade check list.
  5. You can also document the things before and after upgrade.


You might face few hickups on the activity front and this will most on the UI Automation side

please check these for compatibilities and prereqs



Hope this helps