Upgrading from later version to the newest one


We are currently using later version of UiPath for our development (it is not even in the list when you try to downgrade to the lowest version). So I wanted to ask is it going to make any problems if we suddenly upgrade to the latest version? I am concerned about dependencies, activities used, selectors for UiElements, etc.


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Yes , when you upgrade to the latest version
Most prone issue areas would be click operations

Whenever a new version releases from Uipath , few packages may get merge into another packages , or they rename the packages to some other names

So this will be always an issue
So what you can do here to overcome the issue is
First search the old code’s dependency packages available in new version or not
If yes available , check the versions , if not available then verify the packages might have renamed or merged into another package
Once you get this information , if you are using the orchestrator, upload all these packages into the orchestrator libraries
Now come back to the studio of new version , open the old version code and go to package manager , deselect all package feeds except orchestrator host feed
Now upgrade all the packages from the orchestrator feed
Now you still need to do test runs on test data to check which activities are getting failed or showing deviated behavior


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First you check release notes for that version you want to use and based on that you can take decision. But you will find many new features in the current versions.

Install new version in seperate system and update all packages for your project and check it once whether everything is fine or not. If it’s fine then you can go ahead.

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