Possbile version conflict with Orchestrator if I updated to the latest version of the packages

I want to use uipath.ai.vision but it requires me to update certain activities to the latest version. But I worry that our Orche will not adapt to the latest version. Is there any way to test/known if the package will be compatible to the current version of our Orchestrator. Currently we’re using version Orchestrator 2018.4.3.

Here are the version required with my current version respectively
UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities v19.4.1 (my version is 18.4.3)
UiPath.Vision v1.6.0 (my version is 1.6.0)
UIPath.OCR.Contracts v1.1.0 (my version is 1.1.0)
Netwisoft.Json v11.0.2 (my version is 11.0.2)


Testing in the studio won’t affect the packages already published in the orchestrator @jayson.actimai

Hmmnn, What I mean is I want to use the uipath.ai.vision on my project. But I’m afraid it won’t work due to incompatibility. As of now we’re using Orchestrator v2018.4.3.

Hi @jayson.actimai

Since 2018.3, the dependencies work per project. This means that each process will use the specific dependencies, as long as Orchestrator knows the package feed they can be downloaded from.

You can freely create a process using new activity packages (even 2019.7.0 ones will work here), as it will be purely contained to that particular project.