Forward/Backward Compatibility

As I read in the community articles, both Forward/Backward Compatibility are possible in UiPath but sometimes will have issues…With my previous coding experience, most of the software written in an older version of a language can be run on a newer runtime version since all the previous methods are still there with the newer versions. Is this same with UiPath or differen?

Hi @Asiri,

In Uipath , for every project we have the dependencies as shown below.


And For every dependency , we can always upgrade/ downgrade the versions.

image .

If this does not solve , We can manually Remove the activities with error and re-Drag them from the activities pane…



Yah of course it can be done
But we need to ensure that the all the packages we have used in the older version is there in the newer version (obviously it would be) but in reverse from newer to older we need to make that clear
Kindly have a view on this for more details

cheers @Asiri


The answer to this is both Yes and No, its quite backward compatible but UiPath is still evolving

  1. For instance, from 2018 to 2019, the version change divided the UiPath system activities package in two parts so there’s a backward compatibility glitch.
  2. Every now and then, third party packages are getting dropped, deprecated and removed, there you’d find a glitch
  3. The platform itself is stable but they are trying to build a one size fits all kind of architecture, so that creates issues, for instance the Orchestrator link changed from just the root URL to url/instance/machine type

so yes, it is backward compatible but till the extent of what is possible, when it comes to the forums community, we have an excellent community who helps treating everyone as their own. Please participate here at forums as much as possible.

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