Migrate older version UiPath projects to new version of UiPath

I have some projects which is developed in UiPath version 2016.2. Now I am switching UiPath studio to latest version(2018.3). I have some doubts to clarify before migration.

  • Is that possible to open and edit the older version Projects in new version of UiPath?

  • If possible, after do some changes in projects using new version of UiPath, is that package will run on older version of UiPath?
    (because I have older version(2016.2) of robot tray in my production system)

  • I have developed a robot in 32 bit system and published. is that possible to deploy that robot in 64 bit System and vice versa?

Please advise.


Hello there,

Nope.(Due to some of the library dependency ).I believe they are aware of this issue. Lets wait for their response .:crossed_fingers:
Lately I’have been trying to download some of the old workflow which I had uploaded year ago and failed to open in newer version of uipath …2018+

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Hi @ddrdushy1

  • You should be able to open old project in the new version. If there are some issues, you can see here for more information. There were some packages that are now deprecated and require some extra care:
    Managing Dependencies

  • It will not work. A lot has changed since our 2016 version and especially the new dependencies system introduced in 2018.3 release is not compatible with older versions

  • I am not sure here, you would have to see for yourself. It might be that there are some slight differences in selectors between the two systems. We advise developing and deploying robots on similar setups to avoid nasty surprises.

I hope it clarifies things a bit :slight_smile:


This is from my experience.

  • you can open the older project as mentioned, but you will have a few potential issues:
    — Activities might fail to load which means you will get red errors after opening your workflow. You can resolve this ensuring you have updated Activity packages from the gallery or community feed, or by replacing the activity one by one from the updated versions.
    — You might also have an issue running or publishing the project since the project.json and dependencies has had changes. If you have an issue running or publishing, you can basically just delete the project.json file and have UiPath generate a new file or copy it from a newer project, then when you publish, it will complete the dependencies automatically and work.

  • like was mentioned, you can’t run newer project on older version because the project.json file is in a different format on both versions

  • I’m surprised you are able to run UiPath on a 32-bit system because of the demands of memory required. :thinking: I could be wrong, but I’m fairly sure you won’t have any issues migrating between 32-bit or 64-bit for that reason, but what can be an issue is a difference in Operating System or Environment settings/configurations, which can cause discrepancies between resolution and color depth causing image-based actions to stop working between the machines.

Those were my thoughts.