Updating UI Path Community Version 2021.8.0 - beta5267 to version 2022

Hi All,

I would like to request for help or assistance regarding the issue I am currently encountering. I have developed a bot using the latest version of UI Path Community Edition which is 2022.4.3. After developing the bot, I have deployed it in the PC of the user who will be running the automation. I have tried installing a community version in the user’s PC which is version 2019 and it automatically updated to version 2021.8.0 - beta5267, my problem is once I deployed the bot into the PC with this version, activities created in the latest version cannot be loaded properly or found in the 2021.8.0 - beta5267 version, how should I fix the said issue?

Hey @ZM_Tlntn

You need to use stable enterprise version release on all the machines which will avoid these kind of issues !


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Hi thank you for your reply. Issue has been fixed. :slight_smile:

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