Updating studio and bots from 2018.2.2 to most recent version

Hi, we’re currently running v2018.2.2 within our business and we have a bot running that was built in this version, and has been running fine for the past few months. As of yesterday, however, it appears that there was an update to uipath.excel.activities and uipath.core.activities that has completely broken our bot for most of our users (effectively anyone who had “auto-update” enabled, now are unable to run the bot as nearly 2000 issues have appeared out of nowhere, most of them with messages akin to “cannot find readcsv / writecsv / appendcsv activity” + lots of schema based information.

I know that, as of v2018.3 onwards, they removed the core.activities and replaced it with 2 other activities. Suffice to say I think we need to update our studio version to a far more recent version.

I have 2 questions regards this,
1, where can I download the update (and is it a case of a simple install to update to the latest version)

2, As the bot was built in the 2018.2.2 version, should this still be able to work in newer versions of uipath? Or will I need to rebuild some / all of the bot in the newer version?


Hi @shaun.dickens,
Welcome to the Community!
If you have Enterprise License (from what I see) the best way is to contact with our Technical Support. They should help you with it. Regarding workflows it depends of many things. If your projects were built on non standard packages or old versions sometimes some re-works are needed.