Updating production bots from 2021.4 to 2022.10 known issues?

Hi all,

The UiPath Studio version I’m running on my own development machine has recently been updated to 2022.10.5.

I have created a new automation process and deployed it on our orchestrator. The process will not run as it requires a “machine with a minimum 21.10 robot version”, but our production bots are on version 2021.4

If were to update the version on our development machines would this affect/break any current processes that were developed with an older version of Studio?

I have tested a few processes that were developed with 2021.4 on my own machine running 2022.10, and they appear to be running as expected, but if there are any known issues that may arise I’d like to be aware before we update the production bots.


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It’s generally a good practice to test your automation processes thoroughly on the updated version of UiPath Studio before deploying them to production. While newer versions of UiPath Studio are usually backward compatible with older versions of UiPath robots, there may be some changes in behavior or functionality that could affect your existing automation processes.

while updating to the latest version of UiPath Studio may not necessarily break your existing automation processes, it’s always a good idea to test thoroughly and have a backup plan in case of any issues.

I would recommend to have a view on this doc on migrations and points to be considered



Ok, thanks! I just wasn’t sure if we needed to do any conversions of projects relating to phasing out the Windows legacy compatibility.


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