Upgrade Studio and Robot from version 2019.4.5 (Enterprise) to latest Automation Cloud

We have the version 2019.4.5 of Robot and Studio Enterprise and want to upgrade these to the latest Automation Cloud versions and start using the Automation Cloud Orchestrator.

We will first configure the configuration of Orchestrator, and as I understand we can then just uninstall the old versions and install the latest versions.

What we are worried about are the automated processes (unattended) developed with 2019.4.5.
How can we find out what updates is required in these in order for them to execute as expected in the latest versions?

Hi @P_S !
From my understanding, UiPath reassures on the fact that upgrading studio won’t impact the old codes used in older versions. But to be sure, as you have enterprise edition, you might open directly a ticket with the technical support here :wink:

Thanks @Hiba_B, I have emailed the support now and waiting for their input.

If anyone else here have any experience of this, please let me know how an upgrade went.