Uipath product versions compatibility

UiPath product versions on our machines:
Prod machine studio/robot - 2021.10.5
Dev machine studio/robot - 2022.4.1
Orchestrator machine - 2021.4 (deprecated)

Upgrade considerations:
Upgrade Orchestrator to the latest version 2022.10.
Keep studio/robot versions as it is for Prod/Dev environments.

Queries and findings:

  1. When we upgrade orchestrator from 2021.4 to 2022.10, will it have any issues?
    There is a matrix that shows the available upgrade paths for standalone Orchestrator versions at:
    Orchestrator upgrade paths.
    Based on this, we can see that a direct upgrade path between versions 2021.4 and 2022.10 is available.

  2. Studio/robot versions differ from orchestrator versions after upgrade - will it have any issues?.
    There is a matrix that provides information about the interoperability between Orchestrator and Robot and Studio versions at https://docs.uipath.com/overview-guide/docs/compatibility-matrix.
    We can see that Prod studio/robot version 2021.10.x is compatible with orchestrator version 2022.10.x.
    Similarly, Dev studio/robot - 2022.4.x is compatible with orchestrator version 2022.10.x.

For Query 1, can you confirm that the finding holds good and no issues will arise on trying to upgrade?.
For Query 2, we can see that though the studio/robot versions differ from orchestrator version, they are compatible. Does this imply that the processes previously developed using Studio and already deployed to orchestrator continue to work normally?. When the orchestrator communicates to UiPath Assistant to start processes, will that work seamlessly?.
Do you see any issues with the version mismatch between studio/robot and orchestrator?

HI @Satishkumar_Lakshmanan

  1. Yes you can migrate and no issues would arise for the given set of upgrade for Orchestrator
  2. The second compatibility matrix of robot and studio is more about the backward compatibility of the different activities. Again in this if you are not upgrading studio but are upgrading activity packages then few packages have changed and the activity how they are used or the names of the activities have changed. If you are using them then they needs to be modified to fit the new activities.

Eg: Add to collection was modified, Element exists has been modified and a new activity is created, get credentials is modified

And as you go ahead windows legacy is being removed and window would be the default project version that would be available

It is always advisable to run the automations once after upgrade to check any difference

Hope this helps


Thanks for the prompt response @Anil_G .

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