Project version package vs. UiPath Robot version?

I have UiPath Studio 2019.10.3 on my laptop which I developed a bot for my employer.

We have Virtual Machine setup for each of our bots and I’m fairly new to this. The VM setup for this particular bot has UiPath Robot 2019.4.4 which is an older version.

I encountered an issue where I had updated some Excel Activities packages/dependancies on my laptop and it wasn’t able to open on the VM’s version of UiPath. My version on my laptop I’m developing from is newer and the packages were updated. I tried to publish on my laptop and copy the nupkg file to the VM where the bot is to be deployed. I deleted all the other packages from the Robot folder and a strange thing happened where I’d copy the file in there, and it would appear in the Robot Tray menu but without the ‘update’ button, just ‘play’. When I hit ‘play’ it would be executing an older version of my project code.

Eventually, I hit publish so many times that it must have caught up to the ‘new’ version that it should be. I click ‘update’. But then when I hit ‘play’ to start the bot it gave me an error determining project version…

Does UiPath Robot need to be the same version as the UiPath Studio that the package was built from? I’m so confused.

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hi @Jon_G
Basically yes ,
I hope you are not using community edition for the development of production environment
(If you using there will be definitely errors )

and the other thing is its recommended to use the same versions to mitigate the errors

Thanks, we have licenses for all (Studio Enterprise licence), but the UiPath Robot on that virtual machine hasn’t been updated for a long time… It’s still on 2019.4.4

Am I able to update the UiPath Robot without causing any problems with the licence that’s already installed? How do I update it? But then what if the UiPath Robot is newer version than my Studio… Can I update this too?

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Yes ,
First tell me your studio version and orchestrator version