Updating edition, trying to e-mail robots to not lose work

Hi there,


I’m working on automating a process in the workplace for practice and to try add value.

The bot downloads, converts and sends via e-mail a document.

This document is to be sent every Monday, we can do this in orchestrator using scheduler.

Mine is not working and after reaching out to support, my edition needs to be updated and all previous data needs to be deleted.


I’m having trouble trying to retain the work I’ve done, I try and send myself the bots that I’ve made and they don’t open correctly.

All google searches return help on how to send e-mails with uipath but not how to send an xaml file via e-mail.

Please help on the best way to go about retaining my work.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Arshbir_Dhawan,

Every project that you made has a paste, usually they are in Documents\UiPath. You could try to zip every paste and send them via e-mail, if the size is too big, you could put them in google drive or something like that.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Schirru,

Thanks for the quick response,

Gave that a go but it doesn’t work unfortunately.

It extracts the workflow structure, however, gives me this error for the tasks.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?


Those errors can usually be corrected by clicking Manage packages and rebuilding dependencies from there.