Find the file of the process when using the UIPath Robot

My job is simply to edit an excel file and send the mail to the recipient. My problem is that when I run the workflow on UIPath Studio, everything works fine. But when I publish and run with UiPath Robot, the excel file in the project is not edited. However, the recipient’s mail still receives mail with the edited excel file. How is the excel file edited in outgoing mail generated?

Hi @L_ng_Le,
Can you please share the xaml file which you have developed?


@Indrajit_Banerjee. I have created a robot with many functions and this is one of them. Sorry I can not share it.

Hello @L_ng_Le,

It sounds like your path to the excel file might be based on the place of your .xaml file (\ExcelFiles\excelfile.xlsx). If you want to circumvent this, use the full path to the excel file (C:\UiPathPrograms\ExcelFiles\excelfile.xlsx).