Update or replace a data on a cell in Excel file


I want to update a specific cell in excel file, dependig on an other cell data.

I mean something like this: update myCell_1 = “new data” where myCell_2 = “some data”

Any ideas please?


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if the cells are known then u can use read cell and depending on what u want the condition u can use write cell.


But how, because i’m using the date from a cell to add the other one?

Hi, Can you share the excel file please…
thank you

I appreciate your replys guys, my requirement is to find the only cell, based on known column name and input under some other column name in same row.

Example, i want to fille, title 0, only when title 1 contains data 2

example.xlsx (8.3 KB)

Hi @mz3bel,

PFA, it’ll help you with the above case.

Manoj Vijayakumar

Update_ExcelCell.zip (17.3 KB)

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Thank you @manoj-vkumar

This is what i was looking for, there’s a small problem, instead of updating the row, he creates a new row?!

no i will not create any new row

Hi @mz3bel,

Please cross verify my code once again. Because I tested again but it seems work fine.

Can you please check the ‘Add Headers’ option in write worksheet activity… It should be checked.

Or do you mean, you need to add a row?

Thanks and Regards,
Manoj Vijayakumar

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Thank you so much!

It works fine, you were right, i had to “Add Headers” !

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Hi @mz3bel,

Sound’s good :star_struck: and It’s my pleasure…

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