How to replace particular cell value in excel

I am having problem with replacing a particular value in excel.

In excel- Column4 contains (hp,hp,hp,dell,dell,dell,nokia,sony,sony)

I need to replace a particular cell value. for e.g. I need to replace the sony with ericsson.

I am using for each loop and if condition to extract the data.

how can I achieve this. can anyone help in this ?


Hi @Pavannaik,

Use " For Each Row " Activity.

then use "Get Row Item " Activity inside " For Each Row " Activity.

Specify the column name , or column index to get the data of that column of that row.

Then put it in a variable and check if it matches Sony.

if condition is yes , then use write cell to write new data in that cell.

if condition is no , it shud iterate through next row as it is .

Cheers :slight_smile:


Thanks it worked fine

I have a slightly different challenge that I was hoping for some assistance on. I have two variables that I am filtering on. In the excel sheet, I am asking UiPath to find rows that have A and B, and if that exists, then replace it with C. I can’t get it to work w/ the procedure described above. Any assistance you can provide is appreciated.


It is an activity called “Find and Replace” to solve your issue.


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