Update Cell in File

How can we update the cell after data(Amt) is extracted

We enter the following details in Portal
3)Div Code: NX800

Then after execution we get the balance
Example :350

How can we update that in specific cell as represented below

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Hi @anmita ,

Could you let us know what has been already implemented ? Are you able to enter the input details one by one into the Portal ?

Let us know what has been done, so that we could suggest a continuation of the methods chosen.


you can use find /replace value to find the required moth number…make sure to check the match entire cell content option in properties…and give the value as 2…output of it would be the cell Number of 2… then cellvalue.replace(“B”,"C”) and you hvae the required cell number in excel…which can be used in write cell to write the value 350


Hi @supermanPunch ,

For now have added the year static. And added a loop for month
So it runs twice for this year

Any other way using the sheet directly?

Hi @Anil_G ,

But there might be other year as well present in the sheet with same month then will it work


Then first use find and replace on year…once you get the first cell of year…we know that there are 11 months so there would be 12 lines…restrict your second month search to those 12 cells it self…

Say once you search year you get B4…then restrict your month search from C4 to C16…

Hope this helps