Hello, i Need help in excel Update the data

Hello, I want to read the data from excel and update the data and write it in the other excel file
An example, I have 3 data in the excel file
ID Name date
1 Chethan Sep 5, 2020, I will increment this date 30 days using ADDDays(30)
2 ABCD Sep 6, 2020
like this data is there today what I update I want to write only that data not other (Chethan only I write ) in other excel how to do
How to write the only that updated data to the new excel? only Chethan data only
Please help me!!! @monsieurrahul @pattyricarte @Palaniyappan

Use Filter If you want to fiterout todays data only or say todaysdate+30 days
Using Filter Datatable
In that u can use = condition.
And then use write range and use Filter datatable activity output in it

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My excel is like this now i send the mail to that same data and i want to save the data today send mail and i will increment that date also in the data date column i want save that row only

i want save that data in other excel file!!!

You want to mail to that row email id whose date is todays day ryt?

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yaa i already did that but i want to save the data what i send in another excel file or new excel file every day the data has save in that new excel file

Ok then use read range and then use Filter datatable activity
in that give input as output of Read Range and use condition as “Date” = date u want
and store the output in another variable and then use that in write range

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check bellow i think u will get an idea what i did
Main.xaml (13.0 KB)

Hi ,

Use Filter Data table activity after For Each Row and write range out side for each row after filter datatable


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No, it’s not write anything in an excel sheet

share me the excel

Main (3).xaml (13.6 KB)
try this

TenentDetails.xlsx (8.8 KB)

its work but i need that full row and today id one is running and tomorrow id 2 will run on that time id 2 is update in the that new excel file but when am write that one one data is write
and its not overwrite any data only update i want how can i do that

How it will overwrite you are using another excel right then it will write data of todays date +30
In another file

ya but hear some times the data is 2 is there means it was write one only and i need full row not only that column.

Have u run it
Result of filterdatatable will give you all data

yes I run it but it’s not work its write only date column

Can you share the screen shot of file and filterdatable and write range

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Hi @Chethan_P

Also try to do the below thing :-

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