Update of UiPath

Hi UiPath Team,

Many thanks to you guys for introducing so many new features in the recent updates/releases. :+1: :clap:

On the other hand, may I suggest that, when the new update is available and “pushed” to the user, there could be an option to let user select an appropriate time for software upgrade.

Currently, due to the lack of above provision, the system is “forced” to start upgrading automatically, unfortunately in the most times, in the mid of the night without anybody’s notice. It is also observed that UiPath Assistance will not start again automatically after system upgrading. It has caused the interruption of all the unattended jobs and inconvenience to the operations.

For your kind consideration please.


I’m not sure if I understand right, but if your speaking about the auto update, that’s a feature by design.

You can read up here:

Maybe you need to speak with your Orchestrator Administrator that you do not wish to be auto-updates, as this is a setting in Orchestrator.

Hi @iamNairda ,

Thank you for your reply.

You are right that I do not want the system to be updated automatically. May I know how to adjust the settings in Orchestrator please?

Somehow I notice that the option of “Update policy setting” of my account is disabled as shown in the picture below.

Thank you look forward to you.


Are you on an enterprise or community tenant?

Community account.

You have to be an Enterprise customer do control different versions.
UiPath understandably doesn’t want to manage multiple versions of the community version.

Exactly what Jon said @GhostBuster

With the Community Version you get a free automation tool, but in that regard are also kind of a tester to get early feedback on new releases. Where as enterprises just can closely monitor when to upgrade and to which version.

Something I have mixed feelings on :stuck_out_tongue:
We need to have the ability to also test new features on Enterprise as we can arguably give more valuable feedback.
That and I am still salty that I had to wait for a year to get execution templates compared to community.

You have the option of installing Community Edition regardless (it’s a bit of a pain, but you can make it work on the same machine with 2 users as example), but I understand where you are coming from as you would not use Community Edition for Enterprise implementation (hopefully :stuck_out_tongue: ). I guess it’s just making entirely sure that Enterprise releases in spring and autumn don’t mess up anything for customers.