New Code will be not updated automatically on Robot PCs


after publishing a new code to orchestrator I give it free in orchestrator, but these changes will not be installed automatically on Robot PCs, you can see the new update in list after clicking to tray icon, but always a manual update is required.

Is there any setting, to be able to deliver/update the robots automatically?


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yes of course we need a manual update in orchestrator when there is a update of a project
and is been published to orchetrator
the reason is Orchestrator is a place where we actually manage and monitor the robots which is done under the user’s full knowledge

usually when we are moving a code from dev/test to prod, we will be usng some request for migration. and it would require human intervention to update the package manually and its a good practice indeed as it would let other users of that process as well
while if that is automated the business process might get affected as the users wont be conveyed about the update

this is the one from my point of view, may be i might have missed few

Cheers @tuncali

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If you publish a new version of package to orchestrator, all you need to do is to is go to that process and select that new version and all robots will get the new version upon next run.

Hi bcorrea,

Thanks for your reply.
This exactly my problem. After publish a new code under processes, they will be sent to robots, but I need to login each robot pc and select the update from tray icon to get it install. In other case robot still uses old version.

ok, then you have a communication (network) problem there, cause it should do automatically, if you are sure of this, then open a support ticket so uipath can help you.