Bot with UIPath Assistant, nuget/package issue

Hi All,

I have following issue:
using ROBOT with “UIPath ASSISTANT” when packages which bot is using are updated to newer version, bot doesn’t update update it automaticaly.

When I start bot in studio I have to ( via PACKET MANAGER) install newer version
and it will download updates n install it to the robot.

Is there a way to set up “UIPath ASSISTANT” to download updates ??

Hi @miru,
Let me see if I understand your question correctly. And if not, please, ignore my reply.

You are wondering whether it is possible to have the processes available in UiPath Assistant to be automatically updated to the latest available version in Orchestrator? Am I correct?
If I am then the answer is that this is not the case. Since the UiPath Assistant is aimed at Attended automations, this means that the end user is in control of what is running in his environment. So the end user has to make the choice to update to the latest available version, which is visible to him by the subtext ‘a new version is ready to be installed’. Just imagine a developer deploying a newer version where suddenly Edge Chromium is being used instead of Firefox and not everyone has that installed yet. An automatic push would make the process not working. Being informed by the developer if there are any changes, for instance in release notes, would allow the end user to update first to Edge Chromium and then install the latest available process.

Best regards,