UiPath Studio Community Edition 2018.3.2 and won't update automatically

How can I force the update to happen? I have a very annoying bug and I would hope with newer version it is solved. Any ideas?

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In your studio, goto start > help and under update channel select Beta.
restart your studio and it should be updated to 18.4.2

if your studio dosent start after the change means the update was not complete. Let me know if it happens

You might also want disconnect your robot from orchestrator if you licensed your studio via orchestrator :slight_smile:

I have completely removed UiPath Studio from my computer, downloaded it again and installed it. Now I have 2019.1.0 Community edition. Probably I will have to do this for every update? We shall see…I will mark this comment as the solution for now (although this is a pretty crappy solution)

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I believe you don’t have to completely re-install at least since 2018.4. The thing is, 2018.3 introduced licencing your Studio through Orchestrator for Enterprise customers and as a side effect it would mess with the auto-update for Community Users. This is now fixed, but you still have to remember to disconnect your robot to allow Studio to auto-update :slight_smile:

You can see it in Help menu in Studio - when you are connected to Orchestrator, you will not see the Stable and Beta channel option. The moment you disconnect from Orchestrator and restart your Studio, those two options will become visible again and your Studio will update itself :slight_smile:

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