Running the process through Orchestrator

I am doing a demo of GST Verification when I am running the process through orchestrator it is not appending the line to store the verified or not verified data. However, when I ran it through UiPath Studio it has given me the appended file. I am not getting why?

Hi @Shanky_Bhatnagar - You mean append into Excel? Where you running your process? Virtual Desktop or normal desktop?


i am running it on normal desktop… append into text file… i have used Append line activity…


Not sure, why this issue comes. Check for the resolution in your Orchestrator and your machine as well.


@AnandKumar26…thank you for the reply…i have checked the orchestrator and machine as well but no help. it is updating the status of queues but just not giving me the file…


Please try passing the whole path of file.
Beacuse when we ran through Studio it takes relative path, but while running through orchestrator we need to paas the absolute path.

Please refer the below link:-



@ronak_94 you can still use relative path, but the relative path will be different when running it in studio vs orchestrator.

Thank you for your reply! i did as u suggested, gave the whole file path… but it has not made any changes. :frowning:

@ronak_94 Thank you for your suggestion, it worked.

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