Unknown Error dialog box appearning while Studio is open

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I did experienced some error dialog boxes, while I had my Studio opened (doesn’t depend on whether I am running the bot or not). And while these appears, it freezes the screen. There could appear, multiple dialog boxes in interval of a few seconds. And I am not sure of when these would be appearing (see image)
Screenshot (48)

I tried handling this error dialog box exception, one with label ‘.NET Framework Initialization Error’ could be recognised by Element Exist activity, as you could see, but the one, small error dialog box, with label ‘Application Error’, comes with a new ‘Error’ window (see below), which doesn’t allow doing anything until it’s closed. And nothing gets opened when I click on that Error window, it could only be closed clicking that ‘x’ therein.

and one more thing, these error dialog could be closed clicking ‘OK’, and till now I have noticed 8 error dialog boxes could appear in a row. Like if click ‘OK’ once, a new error dialog will appear, when you close that, other new…similarly 8.

Is anyone familiar with why is it happening so and how to overcome this.

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Thankyou @THIRU_NANI !

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Hi @Neha_Kumari1

Does the same happen on each new, even blank project, or only in this specific project?

If it is only this project - does it always happen when you work with a single specific activity, or just randomly?

Also, what version of UiPath Studio is it?

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Hi @loginerror ,

Thanks for responding.
I am not sure about how it would go with blank project or other new project. I didn’t tested that. I am facing it in current project I am working in, I am doing a web automation, and everything freezes when these appear. Also it couldn’t be known, when it would be appearing.

No, it doesn’t happen with a single specific activity, just randomly.

My Uipath version is 2020.10.4, with Enterprise license.

It would still be nice to see whether that is the cause, but I don’t think so now.

I found this article that might be helpful:

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Thanks @loginerror :slightly_smiling_face:. I’ll be checking on this, and will update.

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