An error occurred in the application you were using

hi all
i am facing a problem in opening the worlflows which i created,
Actually my studio get updated from 2021.10.4 to 2021.10.5 and now i am double clicking on that partucular workflow its not getting opened in studio and taking me to a browser and showing an error occurred in the application you were using
please help me to figure out this problem


Instead of double clicking could you please open that workflow from your studio.


Hi @Rohit_rawat02 can you attach the screenshot of issue?

  1. window markup file
  2. there is no UIpath logo
  3. redirecting to webpage

i am trying to open it, where all the workflows get saved (ex - documents folder)
can you please check the images which i shared below

Can you try re installing the studio

and try to access the files after doing the above steps

also please find below link