Unhandled Exception with Sage Application

Hi All,

I am trying to indicate the text field on one of the Sage Voucher Transaction windows. But unfortunately, while indicating any element on that window throwing the following error.
I have updated the .Net framework and restarted the machine but still the issue is not resolved.

Would you someone please help me to understand the issue.

Many thanks in advance for your kind help.


Can i check for other screens, is it working?

Can you try changing the Ui Framework being used? - To do this, Press F4

for more information on Ui Framework

UI Frameworks - Changes the technology used to determine UI elements and their selectors. The following options are available:
Default – UiPath proprietary method. Usually works fine with all types of user interfaces.
Active Accessibility – an earlier solution from Microsoft for making apps accessible. It is recommended that you use this option with legacy software, when the Default one does not work.
UI Automation – the improved accessibility model from Microsoft. It is recommended that you use this option with newer apps, when the Default one does not work.

Source: Docs.uipath.com

Hi @seanrockvz13,

Thank you for your reply

The moment I am trying to indicate on the screen the Unhandled exception pop up is coming.

If I click on the Continue button several times the pop up will disappear. Will appear again same pop if trying to indicate on that window. (With any Ui Framework)

Sorry, i just want to confirm, this only happends when you are indication on screen. But if doing manually, this does not occur. Is that correct?

Yes @seanrockvz13,

While indicating only this pop up comes, while manually entering there is no issue.

Hi Vishnu,

It seems it is common that Sage is having some issues with Automation. would you know if Hotkeys would work?

I understand there are buttons that are working and some simply just dont. Try alternate options used when developing for other scenarios like this. You can try using send hotkeys then use tab to navigate to the application.

Hi @seanrockvz13,

Thank you for reply.

I have used some hotkeys too, but would you please let me know how to extract data from the text field using short cut key? (Cntrl+C is not working in the below scenario for reference number)

Thank you very much in advance.