SAGE integrations with UiPath

Hi friends, Please has any one used Uipath to automate with SAGE range of products, if you have please kindly share?


I interacted with Sage products using the UI

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Thank you @ClemensSteinbauer for sharing, this means you were able to interact freely with Sage, using UiPath.

—If the application and it’s Elements like fields or button are of accessible
—If the process is stable
—If it’s rule based process
—if the input is standard

—then we can automate the process with logic stored in a predefined way using UiPath

Cheers @John_Dara


Hello @John_Dara

I haven’t integrated UiPath with SAGE. However, I do agree with @Palaniyappan’s post. If those conditions are met, then UiPath will be a perfect match for automation… :slight_smile:


Thank you @Palaniyappan and @Lahiru.Fernando for also sharing


Cheers @John_Dara

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Hi @John_Dara

I’m working on a sage project right now, there are some cases where the selectors can be tricky.

I observed a strange behavior on the testing env(most probably it’s the same things for the other envs ) where some tables do have hidden values and you can’t get them unless you use get full text.

Also sometimes you can have four or more tables with the same structure in the webpage so you need to give extra info in the selector choosing the right stage to include so you can well define every table(I’ve used headers for this matter).

That’s about it, as for the other elements(buttons, textboxes, combo boxes,…) they are just pretty straight forward you don’t even need to check the selectors after indicating them.

Sage has got APIs, if the time of your project do let you explore this alternative in depth you can just go ahead and do it as it will prove helpful in the long run if you need to use a lot of sage functionalities.



Thanks @reda this would be helpful.

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Hi, I have /am using UiPath to automate with SAGE. Sage is not the most friendly application to deal with in terms of the element selectors and navigation.


I agree with Reda_Marzouk and Chris.Hill2000, selectors are an issue.

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Good morning all, I’m trying to automate with SAGE 200 Advanced Edition Desktop application version 2023.82.000

For the moment, it’s impossible for me to do anything with this application, I can just login and open the employees view but then, it’s impossible to build any selector.

Click on the first column item and use the “Options” menu to set up the filter: impossible.
Use the filter fields to write in: impossible.
Use the button to change columns display: impossible.
Use save a fix display with only one column and then, type into the column filter: impossible.
Use the general filter button: impossible.

Any selector I set up is lost immediately after closing the selector edition window. I’ve tried using all the existing elements on the window as anchor. I’ve tried all the methods for selector building (CV, image, Native Text…), I’ve also tried all interaction methods (Hardware, Simulation, Window Messages…), I’ve tried to create an Object Repository…anything works!! :exploding_head: :sob:

Anyone found a solution or a way to interact with this haunted application?? :disappointed_relieved: