Error Message Unhandled Exception


I am using a program (frmAnyTeller) for practicing to create fine tuning selectors in Ui Studio.
It is from the Fine-tuning Selectors with Variables video in the RPA Production Ready Essentials Training.
But when I open the form I receive I receive an error message.

Any idea of how to fix this so the error message does not appear?

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Hi @Divik

Could you show the details of the exception and of your machine, just for a broader picture.

It seems like a small incompatibility.

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Please see attached multi-screen view.
I have the Windows10 64 bit OS with English language settings.
But I live an work in Japan here as a foreign resident.
So sometimes when watching the UiPath video tutorials, the Japanese language keyboard I use works differently.
Example, CTRL + S didn’t work for updating a selector, so I ended up just typing the related code into the selector.

There now seems to be a multi-screen error too.

When exactly does the error happen? When you click into specific field or just when you open the application?


The error happened when I opened the frmAnyTeller executable file.

Also when resizing the Ui Studio window and having the program open at the same time, the error message would pop up again.

Anyways, I have to leave the office now but I will check this forum again tomorrow morning (Japan Standard Time).

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Divik

Just to keep you up to date.

Your feedback was well received and our Academy team is in the process of updating the course with a new version of the application that will not cause the error.

Unfortunately, I do not know when it will become available.

I will update this topic whenever it is implemented.

Hi @loginerror

Thank you for your update on this topic.
Okay sure I look forward to receiving news about the new version of the application in the future.:smiley:

Hi @Divik

Just to keep you up to date. This took some time, but is currently being fixed and will be available soon. Basically, the old frmAnyTeller app will be replaced with the UiDemo one for these courses.

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