Undetected Pop-Up Alert




I need to accept a security pop up alert message, but it seems uipath is not able to detect this message.

I have tried to do it through a simple click activity, click image and double click and when I select the option “indicate on the screen” and put the mouse on the alert message to identify the button to click, the cursor position indicator stops as if the cursor was standing.

Can anyone tell me another way to identify a button on the screen or if there is any solution for this problem?

Thank you in advance.


Hello Carmen,

u can try using Send Hot Keys Activity eg Enter key to Accept the Alert box.

Bhanu Prakash L


Hello Bhanu,

Thank you for your interest and your son reply.

Unfortunately It does not work either, it seems as if I have to click on the alert window to actívate it previously and then click on accept or cancel.


hey @CarmenR

You can use “Available->Uiautomation->Element->Control->Activate” activity before to fire hotkeys or click activity.



Hello @aksh1yadav,

As you suggest, I´ve tried also the actívate option, but there is no way to “indicate on screen” the pop-up, so I cannot actívate the alert message screen.

Thank you for you support.



thank you for your inquiry,

It happens to me when I used send mail activity and because the anti virus was not updated prompted me the warning message below:

So I changed my automation process, because at that time I was not able to select the screen to press allow and the security and IT policies were outsourced and it was a pain on the neck to ask for assistance, anyway. what’s the process you are trying to automate?

can you give us details and also can you please try to reproduce the window you are trying to type or click and use the UiPath Explorer. and send us the details so we can help you further.



Hi, I’m also having a similar issue, I’m trying to automate several things on my computer, one of them involves opening my Outlook but when I open it the Windows Security window pops up but it doesn’t seem to recognize that window from the UIPath, I know I could just set outlook to remind my credentials but I don’t want that because some other people may use my computer and I don’t want them to have access to my account, so I only request the password at the beginning of the automation since I also use it to open another application.

How do I solve this, is there a way for me to actually get to that window from UIPath? Activate didn’t worked either nor using click or double click, I tried using a delay because I thought the problem was that it took several seconds to show that screen sometimes.



Hello Paco,

it seems you have to automate in a diferent way, why not build your solutions step by step, instead of using the send outlook mail activity?

let us know if that worked out for you! :slight_smile: