Undetected virus guard pop-up alert

I have below popup message generated by the virus guard.
I want to click this using my robot. But UI Path is unable to detect the button. I tried click activity. and this Undetected Pop-Up Alert
but no result.
Please help me with this.


@dilii Not sure whether it’s a Java application but you can install Java extension in UiPath studio then give it a try.

How about using Send Hotkey Activity with Enter?

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@Emman_Pelayo I tried that. and didn’t get the expected output.
@MartianxSpace It’s not a Java application. It’s a message generated by Kaspersky anti virus software. Screen get freezes when the message is displaying.

@dilii What I meant by “Java Application” was whether the Kaspersky anti-virus software is written in Java Programming language. If it’s written in Java then you need to install Java Extension from UiPath studio.

@dilii If that also doesn’t help then you can always use “Computer Vision”

Did we try with CLICK IMAGE activity
That would work for sure

Cheers @dilii

hi @dilii
you can use computer vision activities for detect this , use those