What will be the list of licences required to run an unattended bot from cloud orchestrator account

I have 2 processes which are present in the virtual machine and are triggered by the cloud orchestrator tenant using API endpoints from web application. And these processes will run one at a time only.

I am trying to calculate the overall costs required to achieve this.
Am listing out my findings based on a reply from one of the UiPath consultant -

  1. UiPath Orchestrator Basic.
  2. UiPath Unattended Robot - Concurrent Runtime
  3. UiPath - Cloud Orchestrated RPA Developer

Are these listed licences are required to achieve the workflow mentioned in the diagram below?

Just one more question what is the difference between UiPath - RPA Developer - Named User and UiPath - Cloud Orchestrated RPA Developer - Named User?

Have you got the answer? I am also a bit confused with all the licensing and cloud :confused: