Unattanded robot license

Got a question about licencing.
I got a case where I due to security reasons need to run unattanded robot on different machines.
The logon to the machines can be the same, the macines is just in different network access groups.
There is no need for the robots to run at the same time.

Is it possible to get this working with only one unattended licence?

To summarise:
I have process A and process B.
Process A must run on machine01 and process B must run on machine02.
We can use same domain\user to log on to both machine01 and machine02.
Process A and process B will not run at the same time.

Can I do this with 1 unattended licence?


  • Peter

Yes ofcourse you can

But the thing is when one process is running and if another process gets triggered at the same time then it will be in pending state
Still it will run once that process A is over

Cheers @peter.helge

Thanks @Palaniyappan !
No problem if process B gets in a pending state and get run once process A is completed.

Perfect then
It should be fine

Any further queries on this topic

Cheers @peter.helge

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