Unattended robot pending process

Hi everyone,

Just heads up I am new to uipath so bear with me. I did go through all the tutorials and training regarding setting robots attended and unattended and came a cross a very weird behavior. I have setup my machine and user account to include unattended robot but for some reason the unattended robot seams offline when i checked the robots tab under tenant

However, when I checked the monitoring tab in my shared folder where my processes are, all robots seem to be active and available.

So when i run a process from orchestrator, it just stays pending without any progress. But if I log off Uipath Assistant on my machine and login again, the pending process starts immediately.

I am really not sure why it is behaving like that and really appreciate all the help to solve this issue (PS I am using version 21.2.0)


Below is the monitoring snapshot from my shared folder

I have just figured what was the problem. I had the wrong domain in the unattended credentials.

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