Unattended Run Cant click Image, Attended Run it does

Hello Friends,

I have a strange issue which looks like a common problem.
I have a to click on a certain position on screen (As the element on this application is not detected)

I can click image or click exact position on screen when running attended job but when running unattended the click doesn’t happen.
The production and developing environments have the same resolution.
I took a screenshot to see where unattended job is actually clicking but i cant see the mouse arrow.

Can you please advise, even though its the same resolution click on extract position or click image does not work. i also added add focus activity to bring this window in front. As we can see by the screenshot it is on focus.

Did we try enabling Sendwindowmessage property


You can also try with hot keys
That should work fine

Or give a try with Computer Vision activities

Cheers @hurmet.noka

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I managed to get the click using computer Vision. It works fine.

Thank You for that. Now I need to do some clicks and types inside.
I think i should use computer vision as well. Hopefully my 30 mega pixels/min will be enough

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Yeah it has got that option
It would work

Is there any further queries on this topic


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Its such bullshit with Computer vision I am struggling a lot.
It shows me that the element exists. Where in fact it doesnt.
All i want to do is to remove extra lines here and keep only the first line.

So for computer vision i need a scope and after one row is deleted then the element scope view will change.
Its so annoying, cant solve how to do this, only because that unattended mode doesnt click.

Is the screen resolution for the Robot set the same as whatever computer you wrote the automation on? For example if you wrote it on your computer which is at 1920x1080 but the Robot is running at 800x600 you’ll have problems.

Exactly the same. I added the orchestrator settings.
Perfectly the same

Did you try Simulate or Send Window Messages for the image click?

Send Window Message doesnt work!!!
Gives me an error.

Should I simulate click or not ?

It just sucks. There is no way around it.

So no solution ?

Its clearly an issue on the UiPath Side