Unattended robot unable to send hotkeys or type into

Hi there,
I have a robot which runs on Win 2016 server environment.
I’m trying to send some keystrokes to the target application using send keys and send hotkey commands. This works absolutely fine in attended mode but not working when the robot is triggered by the orchestrator.
The error I’m getting is a time-out caused by the element cannot be found.
I’m using community edition and for the testing purposes all it does it, open a notepad and type some text into that. (Set text worked but in actual use-case, I can’t use set-text)

I’ve read the forum and tried couple of options including changing the registry settings, simulate type/send windows messages, activate the window, add delays etc.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Hi @garuka,

Have you used attach window to focus screen(note pad) and click before option in type into activity

of course. But that didn’t help.

ok do this thing inside a attach window just send a hotkey without any selector this will work

attach window will help to focus screen and send hotkey will pass the key freely without looking any selector

Hi Saman,
This was the first thing I tried. Unfortunately it didn’t work. As per the error, issue is, not finding the ui element, not the focus.


Do not use any selectors just add send hot key activity and send the hot key

Hi Saman,
Thanks but unfortunately issue still persists.
I’ve already tried that. Just to let you know here is a list of things I tried.

  1. Activate window
  2. Attach window
  3. with the element
  4. without the element
  5. Delays
  6. Click before and separate click event
  7. send windows msg
  8. simulate key
  9. registry changes
  10. change the uipath.settings file
    11 change the robot resolution from orchestrator and match that to my standard settings

hi @garuka,

can u share a screenshot

Are SendHotkey activities using SpecialKey?

@garuka @SamanGuruge I am facing same issue, Did anyone get the solution?

Hi @amit.kumar,

can you share screenshot

activate the SendWindowMessages property