Unable to send hot Keys and type into with Unattended Robot

Hi Guys… Output of my process is Excel with multiple sheets.
I need to wrap the rows in all the sheets. I am iterating all sheets and sending hot keys and type into operations for each sheet. This works perfectly with attended robot whereas with Un-attended bot fails throwing timeout exception.
Please help.

Check the credentials for the unattended robot, add the password again.

Make sure you run the robot from orchestrator. Do not run it in a VM and close the VM

Let us know if still the issue persists.

Thanks for the reply.
Credentials are correct and I am running robot from Orchestrator only. Still the issue persists.

Hello @muthinavenu, is set text not working? Is there a selector in the row? Typically, sending of hotkeys is done only if set text or type into is not working.

For Unattended robot, since you are using a VM, the resolution of the VM might be different from the resolution you are using. This often causes issues with back end implementation if the activities you are using is relying on foreground activities.

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That is a good catch by @seanrockvz13

just to add, make sure the hot4key are in a attach window, if that is used on a text Field, make sure the default keyboard is setup correctly.

Take screenshot of the error screen in unattended mode and check it, is there any problematic element in there

In my case settext is not working. Hence approached with sending hot keys


Did we try enabling Simulate type in type into activity and sendwindowmessage property on send hot keys
This will enable the bot to run in background which is unattended mode

Cheers @muthinavenu