Background UI Interaction for unattended Robot

Hello guys,
Im working on a project since long now any every thing was working fine by once deploy on orchestrator and did a run fully unattended, all my clicks and type crashed.
i understood to use simulate or sendwindows message for click and type.
but for the type it is not working.
ex. on an application, I have to press alt key to load a sub menu then press down and the enter.
the type into [K(alt)] Is not working even in simulate. nothing really happen. same for the down and enter key.

can someone help me?
it is very urgent.


Hi , some times send hot keys doesn’t work without showing the screen to the activity (Selector)
So when you use that activity use indicate element on screen for that send hot key activity and show the browser where you want to perform the activity

I try this too but same is not working. Will running by studio, the alt key do work without sendmessagewindow but the screen is active, but once sendmessagewindow activate, nothing happen, even if screen is active.

please see the Screshot below (thanks for you help)

Hi @vmariejeanne
If you are selected Simulate type and try to use hotkey In Type Into then it will not work. so Either you can unchecke simulate type. or use send hotkey Activity after Type Into.

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Hi , please check the ‘click before typing’ option

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Hi guys,
I do have tried the Send hotkey activity too, with a different combination of activites and parameters:

But Ive noticed something.
The type into work for the alt, activation a sort of Popup sub menu where I normally have to select the first sub menu in the list, but this sub menu seems to not appear at all in the backgroud, due to my failure.
but the alt key calling to open the sub menu works (it stay bolded)

Below the sub menu that seems not opening

Hello Guys,
Have been able to solve all my issues for unattended bot process.

The result is that CE is not working but the Enterprise version is awesome and works well.


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