Unattended Robot screen resolution

Hi All,

I will like to understand how the unattended robot work if we are using it to trigger the workflow in remote desktop.

I have developed a few workflows, it works fine when I execute the workflow myself on my laptop and also the remote desktop which I use for the RPA purpose.
But after I scheduled it with the unattended robot to access the remote desktop to execute workflow, many of the times the workflow will failed like, it not able to find the text, not able to find the UI element and etc, but sometimes it works perfectly without error.

Do anyone experienced this before (with remote desktop), if have, how can we resolve this kind of issue?

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As you mentioned this is works fine in you’re system and also RDP.

Could you please add some delay to some activities and make wait for ready to complete. Maintain delay before and delay after


Hi Nani,

Thank you very much for the quick response, I did tried that, it does help in some other steps, but not sure why sometimes it will still hit error.
I notice something that, not sure why, on my laptop / remote desktop, the screen able to show everything of the application/browsers, but when it failed and I login to take a look, I found that the application/browsers became smaller and has scroll bar (even I put maximize application/browser action also same).
So I am not sure is it sometimes when the robot remote in, it actually not viewing the remote desktop in the screen solution we normally viewing.

It seems that the Unattended session settings of your unattended robot it does not have the correct targeted VM resolution details.

First, make sure that the targeted VM scale is set to 100%, then take a screenshot of the full desktop page, and save it somewhere on the VM machine. Then check which are the image Width, Height, and Depth details. Then configure your unattended robot session settings in the Orchestrator.

Disconnect the robot in the targeted VM and reconnect it again to take the new Orchestrator settings.


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