Unattended robot problems

I have a process, which I schedule at any time to be launched in orchestrator and it doesn’t work. On the other hand, if I launch it manually and I am connected to the machine at the time, it works, but if I disconnect from the machine, the process stops. The same thing happens when I program it to launch at a certain time and if I’m connected to the machine it works.
What can be due? Could it be due to the type of license?
When I enter the uipath app I get the following message: "Detected Unattended Robot as the license type. Based on the terms and conditions, this license should only be used for troubleshooting purposes.

Hi @achap, you might have installed the Robot/Assistant in User mode not Service mode. To run any process in unattended mode, you need to make sure that it is installed in service mode.

Detailed differences can be found here: User Mode VS Service Mode

Thanks for answering @md.kashif464
How can I see the mode type? And if I had it in user mode, what could I do?

hi @achap

please find the link According to Deployment

Thanks for answering,
I have a question, If the uipath license has a community plan, can it have an unattended robot?


Check here About licensing

Yes, you get free unattended license. To use it download the UiPath MSI installer and then select service mode while installing then you’ll be able to run processes in unattended mode.

Ok, I already found the UiPath MSI installer, now what package do I have to install? automation developer, attended robot or unattended robot. Because the unattended robot doesn´t have the option to choose the type of mode. Thanks

@achap just go ahead and install the unattended robot, the msi installer will install it in service mode (by default)

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